These illustrations are in a "retro" style harkening back to a nostalgic era.
After a rough sketch, it is inked with a brush and hand-colored
with transparent and opaque watercolor.


Published by The Austin American-Statesman for the 2006 Alamo Bowl game between
Texas and Kansas State. The cartoon shows a beat up Bevo -- loser of the last two regular season
games -- being encouraged by coach Mack Brown. He reminds Bevo that Kansas State has lost even more games.


Commissioned for The Austin American-Statesman (2006),
this illustration predicts the outcomes for various Big 12 teams.
The piece adds drama and depth to the typical sport's page stats.



Published in 2006, this illustration heightened interest
for an adjoining article titled "Breaking Down
100 Years of the Red River Shootout."
It visually reinforced the idea that the
Texas-OU game is not usually a close scoring game.


Commissioned by The Austin American-Statesman (2006),
this illustration portrays the self-doubt of the UT Longhorns'
upcoming showdown with the Texas A&M Aggies
after UT's devastating loss to unranked Kansas State.


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