M. Scott Byers is a published political cartoonist based in Austin, Texas. Scott illustrated the controversial Two Views—a regular column in the Austin American-Statesman for ten years. His cartoons on this site represent a small sampling of his inventory. Please contact him if you’re trying to address a different issue than seen here or if you would like to commission a new project or to use existing artwork and guidance about publishing requirements and credits.

Scott might be interested in your project and could do a custom cartoon. Fun stuff, and also important.

Political Cartoons

Crybaby Trump cried out, “STOLEN!” and as His BS (Baby Snivel) rained down, an amazing thing happened to Republicans everywhere, great and small. Transformed by His BS, they rejoiced and partook of this lying snot. They idolized Trump as their anointed leader. Thus began His manifesto to convert American democracy to MAGA.